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Let us discover your new look today!

Our team of dynamic hair stylists take the time to listen to you and then calling on their experience and passion for hair they'll help you discover your new look. Whether its a trim, style cut or new look, Kissed Hair & Beauty is here for you and every member of your family.


Style Cut

"Don't just get a hair cut, get a style cut!"

A new hairstyle can give you a new found confidence, make you look younger, or make your hair easier to look after and/or manage day to day. Whether you’ve been inspired by a celebrity style or you just want a change, its our job is to help you find your look.


It is important however to realise that a style that looks great on someone else, may not be so great for you. This is why we take the time to listen, learn and then offer advice based on your face shape, hair type, lifestyle, and our own experience! 

Getting a hair cut or trim require cutting your hair too a shorter than it was before length, whereas a Style Cut, involves products, blow dry and techniques to accomplish a Style Cut! 


Thermal Straightening

"Get your hair back on the straight & narrow!"

Thermal straightening is a hair styling technique that has been used since the 1890s. It involves the flattening and straightening of hair to give it a smooth, streamlined, and sleek appearance. It became very popular during the 1950s among men and women with tight curls or afro style hair, who wanted a way to permanently straighten their hair. Hair straightening by this method is achieved using a hair iron.


A Thermal Straightening treatment gets excellent results for the right hair type by using a treatment that loosens the protein bonds, which give each strand its shape, in hair so they can be re-shaped. Why not contact us today to discover more or make a booking now! 


Blow Wave

"Turn heads and have them blown away!"

If you’d like to look and feel extra special for a night out, lunch date, job interview, function, party, or for no reason other than to look your best, a blow wave is definitely for you. Kissed Hair & Beauty can offer you the benefits you’ll only get from a professional in-salon blow wave, such as:

  • Longer lasting results than a typical home blow dry

  • Get the look you want

  • Learn techniques to help you style you hair better at home

  • Feel and look fantastic!

Why not finish your next style cut or colour with a blow wave to get texture, volume, and style!


"Add waves and curls with a natural look!"

Just as some people choose to have their hair professionally straightened, we can also help people attain natural looking curls or waves. The name ‘perm’ is the common term shortened from permanent wave.

Perms typically last for several months and work best on medium to long hair. With a Perm the hair is set in curlers and a chemical solution is applied to ‘set’ hair in its new position. The results depend on the size and placement of rods.


We can give you anything from bouncy curls to a messy-style beach look!

Perms work best on medium to long hair that’s in good condition.

Perms are making a modern comeback

If you’re tired of using a curling iron to get the look you want, see us at Kissed Hair & Beauty in Lowood, the Brisbane Valley, Somerset. We offer customised perms to give you a uniquely personal look!

Some hair types are not well suited for perms – damaged hair, short hair, layered hair, and extremely dry hair. If you’re considering a perm, one of our professional hair stylists will give you a free consultation to determine if your hair type is suitable for a perm. Expect the entire process of getting a perm to take around 2 hours depending on the length of your hair. A perm will typically last around 6 weeks and any anywhere up to 6 months depending on the rod size chosen.



"Add rich long lasting colour and shine!"

Sectioning off thin or thick strands of hair and painting them with a lightening agent, then wrapping the strands with foil is the technique behind foils.

In our salon we use tints by De Lorenzo Novacolor for their rich long-lasting colours and shine, and also because they provide:

  • Low ammonia

  • UV fade resistant

  • Infused with Australian native plant extracts and protein complexes

  • Manufactured in Australia

  • Made to suit Australian climate and conditions


"Colours inspired by nature to give your hair life!"

Demi Colour

Unlike a dye where tinting is a permanent colour, Demi Colours penetrate the cuticle to change the pigment of the hair but can only be used to change, reflect or depth of hair. Demi Colours can not be used to lighten. A Demi Colour can an eventually wash out, but prolonged use of a Demi Colour can result in a slight regrowth. Demi Colours and Tints usually need to be re-applied every 2-6 weeks to keep them looking fresh.


Balayage is a French word that literally means ‘sweeping’. It is a technique rather than a colour. It involves colour being painted on (in a sweeping manner, as the French word implies), to create a natural and graduated effect.

Colour Correction

Colour correction is a term hairdresser use to describe dramatic colour changes such as from light to dark or dark to light. Colour correction can also be used to refer to the technique used to remove unwanted ‘yellow’ or ‘brassy’ tones or fix a colour that has not worked out well.

There are several factors we need to consider to be able to correct hair colour, so come in to our hair salon and our experienced hair stylists can advise you on how to get the best result!

All our Colour Services are fully guaranteed when they are maintained and used in conjunction with the stylist's recommendations of retail take home products, as we can advise you on what is 'best' to use, however we can't tell you what 'not' to use in your own home!


NB: Within the first seven days of your colouring, if you notice an issue, we ask that you please contact the salon direct so we can assist. Any issues resulting after seven days, are hard for us to resolve.


Remy Hair Extensions

"Add a natural look with length!"

Hair extensions are an easy way from going from short to long hair fast!

‘Remy’ hair extensions describe the characteristics of the hair. Remy hair extensions are 100% human hair and are a high quality with an affordable price tag! Remy Hair blends well with natural hair and all strands follow the same direction to avoid tangling and matting. What adds to the appeal of Remy Hair is that it is collected with the cuticles intact. We can also do Tape and Weft Extensions, and we have access to the highest quality European Tape and Weft Extensions. 

Hair extensions are a high maintenance hairdressing service and need special care, your stylist at Kissed Hair and Beauty will recommend products to help care for your new hair. To learn about how to care and maintain them CLICK HERE!

Wedding & Formal Services

"Making your special day that little bit more!"

When you need something extra special for an occasion such as a wedding or a formal event, our talented team have you covered.

Our talented team of professional hair stylists can help you choose the best hairstyle to match your wedding or formal dress and theme. We can help you create the perfect look in a classic, sophisticated, or free-flowing style.

The biggest difference that 'Kissed' offers, is that we ask the right questions to make sure your hair looks great all day, no matter how much you’ll be dancing or if you’re having an outdoor ceremony!

At our Lowood Salon, we also have an onsite Beauty Salon area with a Beauty Therapist, available by appointment. so this means that we can do hair and makeup for the bride and the bridal party and we can create hairstyles that support a veil or headpiece. To find out more why not contact us today!

Wedding & Formal
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