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Welcome to a very special edition of Kiss & Tell - Our Friendly Hair Dresser Games Edition!

Last Sunday the 17th of October, our amazing team of stylists from Kissed Hair & Beauty all got the opportunity to represent themselves and their impressive skills at the Friendly Hairdressing Games being held at the Ipswich Tafe Campus.

Weeks and weeks of preparation has lead them all to this moment, and I've gotta say I was just a nervous for them as they were. Especially our newest team member and apprentice, Channece. It was like letting my kids go to school for the first time. All the nerves and anticipation was there for all the girls, and as much as I was wanting them to all learn some new lessons and have fun doing it, I was also so terrified that they were going to fail. But what we must remember is it's only by failing that we learn things that make us better for the next time round! We learn what works, what doesn't work, and when its all said and done - it also helps us to strive to reach our new goals!

So please join with me as we share some of the moments of the day with you now! Below is a series of photo's and comments from our girls about what the day meant for them, and what they were able to take away from the experience!

thanks heaps - Kerrie

Here is our Apprentice - Channece and her photos and comments about the experience.

"On Sunday the 17 of October I participated in the Tafe friendly games hairdressing competition. I was in the first competition of the day, which was thermal style incorporating a braid. Prior to this I had practiced multiple times at home and at the salon with help from Kerrie. While I didn’t place, I still had an amazing experience trying new things and seeing how creative people can be with these type of things.

This competition definitely opened my mind to try knew things and be more and more creative with my thinking and have a more open mind. The atmosphere being there was super amazing, everyone was there for the same reason and everyone had the biggest smiles on there face. Everyone tried their absolute best and each style was different. I also stayed to watch Demica and Grace compete, this was such a fun thing to watch cause everyone was doing such crazy out of the box things that I wouldn’t of thought of. It was super inspiring to watch everyone do their thing and seeing the outcome of everyone’s pieces. Everyone did the best they could and it was a super fun day!" - Channece

Here is our Senior Stylist Demica and her photos and comments about the experience.

"Today I competed in the friendly games at tafe where I was up against other students in the open creative up styling category. I received endless support from my boss and team, it was a great experience and very inspirational to see everyone’s work. Couldn’t have done it without my amazing team and I'm very grateful! - Demica

Here is our Stylist Grace and her photos and comments about the experience.

"Today was the day of the friendly games competition at Tafe. Many hours of practice all leading up for this moment. Myself and my model Mitzi arrived at Tafe with our tummies full of coffee and ready to start prep. I started by sectioning her hair and curling the middle and setting it with pins that way the curls would last longer. Soon the moment came where we had to go down to the main salon and set up our stations. It was rather nerve wracking and intimidating seeing all these amazing people and their support. I took a deep breath and it was time to begin.

I started my knot braids and then continued styling and positioning the curls into place. After this I added the gold chains and then made sure all pieces were in place. I tell you it was the fastest 60mins in my life!

Afterwards we all got to look at each other’s creations and the competition was tough, so much beauty all around!

We all went over to the hall for the presentation of certificates, it was amazing to receive a participation certificate we all worked so hard! Finally it was my category for the top 3 to be announced then for third place I heard my name be called, I was so surprised! I went down to receive my plaque and third place certificate shaking from excitement and shock. Yes I even got a little teary! A friend of mine got second and then the amazing Demica placed first with her gorgeous tinker bell fairy. (Low key knew she would!) Channece's hairstyle was honestly just so stunning she has so much talent and is going to go so far! My anxiety was through the roof all day but omg also such a rush! Thank you Tafe QLD, Lisa and the Judges and Staff! Thank you Mitzi my friend and hair model and a massive thank you Kerrie, for being an amazing mentor and keeping me calm so I didn’t turn into a storm" - Grace

"To be honest I could not have been any more prouder of my team this weekend than what I already was! They were all so inspiring and so exciting to watch, and to have been fortunate enough to have seen them grow and come this far, is simply great!

Not only is this a great plus for them personally in their development, but for the wider community we serve here at Kissed Hair & Beauty. Knowing that we have such a strong a team of passionate, dynamic stylists that are prepared to challenge themselves and take the risk to achieve amazing results is such a blessing.

Please join with me now to celebrate our great team of Hair Stylists and be sure to say hello and pass on your words of congratulations on your next visit to our salon!" - Kerrie

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19 oct 2021

Congratulations ladies!! Well done to you all. Lowood is so lucky to have you! 💕

Me gusta
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