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Welcome to Kiss & Tell, Where we talk everything Hair, Beauty and Life!

Kiss & Tell is back again, and after a long weekend and staff annual leave the week before, we are feeling very well rested and relaxed here at Kissed Hair & Beauty. What with the Spring season in full swing and and so much planning and preparations happening for the upcoming Hairdressing Competitions the recent breaks have been a blessing and will help us for the weeks ago.

Festive season is fast approaching so this means a crazy time for us with bookings for various functions, events and Christmas parties. And as crazy as it might sound, you might want to think about it and take advantage of booking in early to get your next amazing look in time. You can book through our website via the booking link or you can call the salon direct!

thanks heaps - Kerrie

In each edition of Kiss and Tell, we're going to give you some insights into the amazing transformations we have accomplished with our clients as well as to let you know a little bit more about our team and what's coming ahead for Kissed Hair & Beauty!


In this edition of Kiss & Tell, we're looking at some great hair-transformations and amazing new looks. So please enjoy them below, and remember be sure to leave us a comment at the bottom of the page about which one was your favourite!...

BELOW: This is a great example of how a little change can make a massive difference. Today's client still wanted to keep her hair in the darker tones but wanted to lighten it and give it a little more something. We used a demi colour through the mid ends and lengths which helped us to achieve a rich colour with shine.

BELOW: Ever wanted to stand out in the crowd and turn heads. Our client wanted to do this at a recent wedding she was attending, not meaning to take away the attention the bride, she might have had a few more eyes her way though as she entered the room... Dee, our Senior Stylist was able to create this stunning look with a full head of peek-a-boo foils, colour and toner.

BELOW: Ever looked in the mirror and thought "time for something completely different?" But then when push comes to shove, you shy away from it. Our friendly, professional hair stylist not only understand this struggle, but they'll sit with you and take the time to discuss and demonstrate with you how you can be bold and try something different. When you trust in our works amazing things can happen, like today's client that wanted something lighter and different for the warmer weather!

BELOW: Here's another client getting ready for the summer season ahead with a transition to a lighter colour. Before, was a growing out of the colour which will limit just how light we can go in one season. After, we applied a full head or foils, and well lets face it - the end results speak for themselves!

Below: What a difference a splash of colour makes to any hair style. Here are three examples of just that. The first one is a T Section of foils and toner with a roots melt foils using a mix of two different colours, resulting in this beautiful look. The second shot is another roots melt, this time using a gorgeous purple and a mix of colour to achieve this eyepopping look - WOW! Thirdly is a half head of foils scattered all over to help give a more natural look and feel for this back to school client.


Here is a report from team member Grace, who had the privilege to attend a 2 day men’s cutting boot camp course and oh my boot camp it was indeed!

"We got straight into it! We learnt a solid cut as well as different types of graduation for hair and layers, it was a little overwhelming but a lot of fun! Day 2 we got on the clippers and started the fades starting at a 4 and working down to a 1 and even got to try a flat top! I seemed to get the solid cut perfect but the 45 degree graduation was my enemy! I managed to cut myself 4 times which I wear as a badge of honour of learning to cut. It was a wonderful 2 day cutting course and I can’t wait to practise and perfect all the men’s style cuts and be ready for woman’s cutting boot camp in November.

Channece our apprentice had a recent 3 day block at Tafe and was so excited to share these images with us of her training to become the next generation of amazing hairstylist. With a deep passion for wanting to make people look and feel amazing with great hair, she is directing her focus towards styling. What do you think of these styles?

Let the games begin!

The Friendly Games that is. This is a series of competitions whereby Apprentices, Trainees and Full Time Certificate III Hairdressers all compete in a friendly environment.

Here are some more pictures of our stylists work leading up to the preparations for the competition.


We can all do with a little laugh at the moment, so here is a hair-themed gag to put a smile on your dial! And perhaps another reason to rethink shorter hair this summer...


Check out our upcoming October Special!

During the month of October we're offering an early bird special! Get in early and pre-book, as well as pay your deposit now on your Christmas Hair Colour Booking and you will receive a 5% discount.

Bookings are essential, and in case you haven't noticed Christmas is only a few months away. So why not jump onto our website and make a booking or call us up today!

Also please remember, that we offer both Zip Pay and Afterpay payment options in the salon for all of your hair appointments, so there's no excuse to not have amazing looking hair this Christmas!

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