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Welcome to Kiss & Tell, Where we talk everything Hair, Beauty and Life!

Is it October already?... WOW where has this year gone? Its certainly beginning to ramp up here at the Salon as we starting getting into our busiest time of the year. That being said, keep in mind that next week were taking the opportunity to sneak in a quick break before the crazy begins. Normally from the beginning of November onwards we barely get any down time, with bookings and extended appointment needed to cover the demand.

This week in Kiss & Tell we're celebrating some new and old, familiar faces to the Salon. We love being a part of so many peoples lives and helping to give them the confidence when they leave to feel great through amazing hair and beauty.

Also the girls are in last minute preparations for this coming weekend for the Friendly Games Hairdressing Competition being held on Sunday 17th October at the Ipswich Tafe Campus. Weeks of preparations are now all coming to and end and we couldn't be anymore prouder of them if we tried. Here's hoping the have a great day and win or lose they're always winners in our eyes!

NB: The Festive Season is now, fast approaching so this means a crazy time for us with hair and beauty bookings for various upcoming functions, events and Christmas parties. And as crazy as it might sound, you might want to think about it and take advantage of booking in early to get your next amazing look in time. You can book through our website via the booking link or you can call the salon direct!

thanks heaps - Kerrie

In each edition of Kiss and Tell, we're going to give you some insights into the amazing transformations we have accomplished with our clients as well as to let you know a little bit more about our team and what's coming ahead for Kissed Hair & Beauty!


In this edition of Kiss & Tell, we're looking at some great hair-transformations and amazing new looks. So please enjoy them below, and remember be sure to leave us a comment at the bottom of the page about which one was your favourite!...

BELOW: This is a great example of how we helped our client to make hair super healthy and vibrant once again. Today's client was a beautiful young lady and she was such a pleasure to work with and we shared some great laughs as we added a full head of foils and toner. After all - who said you cant have fun and get the job done at the same time! So after some styling and cutting a few inches off the ends we were able to bring her hair back to its shiny healthy look once again!

BELOW: They say a change is better than a holiday, so while interstate travel is a nightmare atm, let's enjoy a change as much as we can! And speaking of change check out today's client and her amazing journey of change! After months of growth our client was more than ready for a change to see in the warmer weather and season ahead. We worked closely with her in order to create an amazing new style that is both modern and easy to maintain. Next step in the journey is to do a colour!

BELOW: Time for a refresh? Well in this case refresh is an understatement! Check out the spectacular results we achieved for today's client. Now's she's all refreshed and reinvigorated, and ready to get out and make a statement with hair stunning hair

BELOW: It's so great to see some familiar faces. Today's client has been a client of ours now for over 5 years. And even through she has since moved away from the region, to have a new adventure in the city, just like clockwork she returns every 6 weeks to get her country fix and to enjoy some gool ol' fashioned service and charm that comes with our community. She made the comment to us that she cant find the same level of service from another salon, and while she loves vising us for her pamper day out, we simply love having her come back to share her life with us.

BELOW: Today's client was yet another familiar face that we have seen at the salon over time. Today however it was time to shake out the winter colour and brighten things up for summer! During winter we achieved a warm tone to her hair with a root melt colour and a slight golden tone. For summer though we've changed it up a bit going with a full head of foils and a soft root melt leading into cool ends. Using a 2 tone toner we were able to blend through the natural highlights coming through!

BELOW: You're never to old to make a statement with amazing hair. Today's client is another one of our family of familiar faces. She loves to go with a colour that really makes a statement. And with today's new colour she has done exactly that by smashing it our of the ball park!


Here is a report from team member Channece, regarding her time recently at Tafe for her Hair Dressing Apprenticeship.

"My experience at tafe was such an amazing time I learnt many knew things which I haven’t done before by myself such as a colour and set. These were such awesome things to learn and so much fun. Some other things I did was braiding, up-styles, shampoos and I also got to bring a friend in on the last day to do there hair. On her hair I did a shampoo round brush blow dry and straighten. My overall experience was honestly so good I made so many knew friends who are doing the same thing as me and are some of the nicest girls ever. Everyone there is so willing to learn and the teachers are super helpful and answered all the questions I had"

Let the games begin!

It's finally here... The Friendly Games that is, kicking off this coming Sunday. This is a series of competitions whereby Apprentices, Trainees and Full Time Certificate III Hairdressers all compete in a friendly environment.

Best of luck and wishes are with our girls representing themselves and our salon for this weekend!


We can all do with a little laugh at the moment, so here is a hair-themed gag to put a smile on your dial! At one time or another we've all been guilty of cutting our own hair, good or bad results! Share with us some of your clangers - if you dare!!!


Check out our upcoming October Special!

During the month of October we're offering an early bird special! Get in early and pre-book, as well as pay your deposit now on your Christmas Hair Colour Booking and you will receive a 5% discount.

Bookings are essential, and in case you haven't noticed Christmas is only a few months away. So why not jump onto our website and make a booking or call us up today!

Also please remember, that we offer both Zip Pay and Afterpay payment options in the salon for all of your hair appointments, so there's no excuse to not have amazing looking hair this Christmas!

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