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Welcome to Kiss & Tell, Where we talk everything Hair, Beauty and Life!

What a relief, we can finally smile again at people as they enter the salon. Not that we weren't already, but now that the mask restrictions have eased it makes it so much easier to engage with people when you can actually see them smile back at you!

This month is flying by and its really begging to look a lot like Christmas. With only weeks to go before schools out, end of year work parties and a myriad of social gatherings ahead for everyone, the girls and I are certainly feeling the effects of the silly season as we help our clients all look amazing and feel fabulous!

Keep in mind, we still have some really great gift ideas in the salon to suit every budget, or why not consider a gift voucher to show someone how much you care!

Have you made your booking yet to get your hair and beauty treatments done before Christmas?!? Don't wait too long as time and appointment spaces are filling fast!

thanks heaps - Kerrie

In each edition of Kiss and Tell, we're going to give you some insights into the amazing transformations we have accomplished with our clients as well as to let you know a little bit more about our team and what's coming ahead for Kissed Hair & Beauty!


In this edition of Kiss & Tell, we're looking at some great hair-transformations and amazing new looks. So please enjoy them below, and remember be sure to leave us a comment at the bottom of the page about which one was your favourite!...

BELOW: Today's client is another great example of how time can escape the best of us. Its been now over 12 months since we last coloured this clients hair. So time to re-work our magic and revive her luscious locks.

So after a full head of foils, 3 toners - 1. to soften the re-growth 2. to blend through and cool the mid-lengths 3. to clean out and make the ends pop. And doesn't it pop now!

BELOW: Our client today presented with regrowth from a full head foils. She wanted to still maintain the colour, but to go to a full head scalp bleach. After a thorough consultation and carefully considering the pros and cons she decided to go ahead with the service. We prepared the hair with a protein complex treatment as well as a oil balance treatment to give the hair a good layer of protection.

We then applied our bleach, making sure to colour every inch of the scalp. After 45 mins later this process was complete. We then rinsed with cool water to sooth the scalp and our client was given a milk protein treatment to further sooth the scalp and neutralise the ph level.

A toner was then applied to match the ends the fresh colour was complete with a Plex treatment and blowout Our client was over the moon with the result!

BELOW: There's something to be said for natural looking hair when it's done right. This is a classic example of the results gained after we applied a half head of super fine foils, which we used to blend in with the natural highlights to give a more natural look to the regrowth.

BELOW: Sometimes we even amaze ourselves with the results we achieve. In particular Dee our Senior Stylists is really becoming a super stylists when it comes to helping people feel great about their hair once again! Today's client received a full head of scattered foils coupled with a base colour and toner to colour the greys and enhance the overall look!

BELOW: What an amazing difference we were able to achieve with todays client! Today's client presented to us with a home colouring job that she wanted to blend out, and with medium length hair that she said she wasn't managing to well. It was about time for a change and she wanted something more fresh and vibrant but still within her budget. So again out pops the magic wand and Wala!!! The first three images show the initial length and the hair before it was coloured, then followed by the next three showcasing the finished look!

BELOW: Is your hair feeling the summer time vibes? Today's client definitely wasn't feeling the vibes and wanted to enjoy a new look for the season ahead. So we went from blah to bling with a full head of foils, style cut and toner to add to the new look. Bet someone's feeling those good summer time vibes now!


Here are some comments from Grace after attending a Woman’s cutting boot camp.

"After the men's boot camp I was a bit nervous! I set up and we got into solid form cutting which was great! A great start and confidence booster. We then went into light face framing and also did 3 different types of layers. I seemed to pick this up rather well and it was so great learning! I am looking forward to my next day! I just have to remember to not over or under adjust my fingers" - Grace


We can all do with a little laugh at the moment, so here's a home hair and beauty themed YouTube clip bound to make you giggle! Even the boys get in on the action this time round. Now while we don't want to admit it, were all a little guilt of some bad home diy hair and beauty fails. If you're game enough, we'd love you to share your fails with us your fails at the bottom of this blog in the comments section!

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