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Welcome to Kiss & Tell, Where we talk everything Hair, Beauty and Life!

Spring is so far going off with an explosion of colour and new amazing looks for so many of our clients! It has also created some really great excuses for people to step out of their comfort zone. So in this edition of Kiss & Tell, we're going to showcase some great examples of 'stepping out of your comfort zone' and highlighting the achievements that can happen when you take a chance!

Also please remember that this coming weekend we are letting our own hair down by taking a well deserved annual leave break. That means the salon will be closed Friday 24th and Saturday 25th September. We do still have some limited bookings still this week so get in quick!!!

thanks heaps - Kerrie

In each edition of Kiss and Tell, we're going to give you some insights into the amazing transformations we have accomplished with our clients as well as to let you know a little bit more about our team and what's coming ahead for Kissed Hair & Beauty!


In this 'comfort zone' edition we have so many examples of amazing new looks and stunning results to share with you. So please enjoy them below, and remember be sure to leave us a comment at the bottom of the page about which one was your favourite!...

BELOW: Today’s client wanted to experience something so far out side her comfort zone, that she wanted to embrace her wild side! She wanted a new look, without having to much regrowth and up keep! So after consulting with her, we can up with this plan. First, we'd cover her regrowth with a dark copper, while adding some lighter copper foils to soften the regrowth, and to also blend in the pesky greys when they start to reappear. Then we added a super bold ruby red foils to pop out from under the copper foils. These foils are sitting on top of a super dark colour that helps to frame the face and create depth and thickness. Our client was blown away with the result! What do you think?....

BELOW: Here is another great example of the amazing work our Senior Stylist Dee has done. She has again worked her awesome skills and magic with a full head of foils and toner to create this stunning look ready for the season ahead!

BELOW: We often see this in the salon, clients coming in with a build up and their hair looking dull and lifeless from it. Today's client had an almost black colour to her hair and wanted to break it up and step out of her comfort zone. So after a few beek-a-boo foils, an added toner with a smoky pearl tone to soften and eliminate the warmth we were able to give her added dimension and a rich coloured look!

BELOW: Here we have an example of home hair colouring. While we don't condone it being done, we trust that our clients understand why we suggest it being done by trained professionals, its way more than simply apply and wash. So in this example we helped our client by applying a treatment and adding a few foils, in order the help lighten the colour softly. We then took the time to give her some advice on what products are best suited to use at home so as to continue to repair the hair and help her work towards her ultimate hair goals. Check out the video below to see the process in action!

BELOW: Here is another example of leaving your 'comfort zone' and having an amazing transformation again from Dee. Here, she achieved a beautiful 'summer days' look, with a full head of foils and applying a toner to give the hair a rich shine and reflect the light!

BELOW: Finally it's that time of year again - Formal Time! Today's client is from Toogoolawah State High School and wow what an amazing formal style we were able to create here for her! We think that the smile at the end here really says it all!


Here's another insight into our amazing staff. We're looking deeper into their preparations for the upcoming Friendly Games Hairdressing Competitions being held in October. What does every one think of how much hard work our Apprentice Channece, has done putting in prepping, planning and preparing for her first comp.

I just love the way these girls are embracing this opportunity and are getting so excited to be training for their first competition! Dee, has entered the men’s cutting comp and is gathering all her props for the imagine up-styling comp where they get to step outside of their comport zones and try some thing completely up beat. And Grace, we’ll look at her go! She has planed her execution of her style and is now working the plan to fit in with her time frame as the completion is all timed. So next time your in the salon why ask the girls how there coming along, they'd love to share their stories and experiences to fill you in!

Let the games begin!

The Friendly Games that is. This is a series of competitions whereby Apprentices, Trainees and Full Time Certificate III Hairdressers all compete in a friendly environment.


We can all do with a little laugh at the moment, so here is a hair-themed gag to put a smile on your dial! And to all the Dad's out there - thanks for trying!


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