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Welcome to Kiss & Tell, Where we talk everything Hair, Beauty and Life!

Today marks the first day of November, and that means 2021 is coming to a close! The next few weeks ahead look to be filled with excitement, and buzz with the occasional headache thrown in - but hey it wouldn't be the same Christmas rush without any dramas!

Last week we released our Spring 2021 Kiss Catalogue. It was a project we created whereby we empower young woman to let their beauty shine from within and create an amazing series of photos all themed and featuring some unique locations in and around our region of Lowood, Qld.

for those of you who haven't seen it yet be sure to check out this link to the digital catalogue:

NB: The Festive Season is now, fast approaching so this spells a crazy time for us with hair and beauty bookings for various upcoming functions, events and Christmas parties. And as crazy as it might sound, you might want to think about it and take advantage of booking in early to get your next amazing look in time. You can book through our website via the booking link or you can call the salon direct!

thanks heaps - Kerrie

In each edition of Kiss and Tell, we're going to give you some insights into the amazing transformations we have accomplished with our clients as well as to let you know a little bit more about our team and what's coming ahead for Kissed Hair & Beauty!


In this edition of Kiss & Tell, we're looking at some great hair-transformations and amazing new looks. So please enjoy them below, and remember be sure to leave us a comment at the bottom of the page about which one was your favourite!...

BELOW: Would you believe that it’s been almost a year since our last colour with this client! On their last visit we went with a full head of foils and a rich ruby red colour, but this time we decide to mix it up and go for a change. So that being said, we went for more of a rose gold reflect with some money pieces at the front. We decided to keep the regrowth area looking very soft and natural, so that the regrowth would be almost non-existent. Best of all is that this colour should last a good 6 months before needing to be redone!

Our client also went home with a De Lorenzo Rose Gold Shampoo, to help her to keep the colour super vibrant. Results speak for themselves here!

BELOW: Can you honestly think of a better way to spend three hours on a miserable cloudy day, than to pamper yourself with a fresh look for summer with a nice glass of wine in one hand and a chocolate in the other?... See the amazing results that we achieved after a full head of foils!

BELOW: We always love a hair challenge here at Kissed Hair & Beauty, and this clients hair was certainly a rewarding experience. You can see from the before, during and after photos, the skill and passion that we poured into this look. During the process and after this colour correction, we were met with a lot of hard work but well and truly worth it. We started off with a full head of foils to lift up the build up of packet colours. This left us with a very raw look as there was a lot of colour build up over time.

Next, we then applied a root colour of a natural dark blonde. Following on, we then went through the mid-lengths and ends with alternating toners, one of a natural ash blonde and one a beige blonde, adding a few scattered dark copper tones to blend the old colour in with the new. Finally we finished the whole look off with a style cut and beautiful blowout. Needless to say our client was on cloud nine with the finished result!


After returning from a well deserved break it was straight back into it for our dynamic team of hair stylists. We believe strongly in always evolving and improving our skills to bring our clients the best possible outcomes and this was definitely the case in our recent training session held in the salon for hair extensions. Under expert guidance we were all taught the needed skills and processes required to apply taped and weft extensions.

This, for us, was actually perfect timing with the festive season just ahead and also too because we have had an arrival of some amazing top quality Russian Remi Hair to the salon. We're in the process of putting together some great hair extension packages to help you look great for the upcoming parties. And best of all we'll be offering a range of payment options because this time of year can already hurt the hip pocket. But at least now you can still look great and not have to pay for it all in one go!


We can all do with a little laugh at the moment, so here is a hair-themed gag to put a smile on your dial! At one time or another we've all been guilty of the fake tan, especially with border lockdowns and travel restrictions!


Check out our upcoming October Special!

During the month of October we're offering an early bird special! Get in early and pre-book, as well as pay your deposit now on your Christmas Hair Colour Booking and you will receive a 5% discount.

Bookings are essential, and in case you haven't noticed Christmas is only a few months away. So why not jump onto our website and make a booking or call us up today!

Also please remember, that we offer both Zip Pay and Afterpay payment options in the salon for all of your hair appointments, so there's no excuse to not have amazing looking hair this Christmas!

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